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Live Attenuated Turkey Pox Virus Vaccine


TURKEYVAXTM is a freeze-dried live attenuated Turkey pox viral vaccine prepared Turkey pox virus.The diluent is used to re-hydrate the freeze-dried component.


Turkey pox is a disease of Turkeys caused by a DNA virus of the genus Avipoxvirus of the family Poxviridae. Its distribution is worldwide. It is slow-spreading and characterised by the formation of proliferative lesions and scabs on the skin, and diphtheritic lesions in the upper parts of the digestive and respiratory tracts. The cutaneous form (dry pox) has a low mortality with affected birds more likely to recover as compared to the diphtheritic form (wet pox) where the proliferative lesions involving the nasal passages, larynx or trachea can result in respiratory distress and death from suffocation. Turkey pox causes transient drop in egg production, and a reduced growth rate in young birds. TURKEYVAX TM is prepared from modified live Turkey pox virus and induces a strong immune response against Turkey pox such that even birds incubating the disease will receive some benefit from use of the vaccine.


For the active immunisation of healthy Turkeys against Turkey pox.


TURKEYVAX TM is administered via the wing stab route using two hypodermic needles. Reconstitute the whole vial of 100-dose freeze-dried vaccine using the provided 1 ml diluent. Dip the sterilized needles into the reconstituted vaccine and stab through the wing web above the elbow joint. Birds may be vaccinated at any time after the age of 4 weeks, but it is important to ensure that vaccination is carried out before the birds come into lay. Immunity develops within 14 days of vaccination and lasts for one year.


For Veterinary use only. For use in Turkeys only. Do not vaccinate un-healthy birds. o not use if seal is broken or package is damaged.


Store at -20°C. (Freezer). Under these conditions, the shelf life is 2 years. If stored at between +2°C and +8°C (refrigerator) the shelf life is one month. Once the vaccine has been reconstituted, it must be used immediately and any remaining quantity discarded.


100-dose vials packed together with the diluent.


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