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Live Attenuated Sheep and Goat pox Virus Vaccine


S&G VAX TM is a freeze-dried live attenuated Sheep and goat pox viral vaccine prepared from the 0240 Kenya sheep and goat pox strain of the capripox virus. The diluent is used to re-hydrate the freeze-dried component.


Sheep pox and goat pox are viral diseases of sheep and goats characterised by fever, generalised papules or nodules, vesicles (rarely), internal lesions (particularly in the lungs), and death. Both diseases are caused by strains of capripoxvirus, all of which can infect sheep and goats.
S&G VAX TM is prepared from the 0240 Kenya sheep and goat pox strain of the capripoxvirus.


For the active immunisation of healthy sheep and goats against sheep pox and goat pox.


Reconstitute each vial with the corresponding sterile diluent. Keep the reconstituted vaccine cool and protected from sunlight. Take reasonable aseptic precautions in reconstituting and withdrawing the vaccine. Administer via the subcutaneous route at the rate of 1ml per animal. Goats and sheep over 5 weeks of age only should be vaccinated, however in the face of an outbreak , animals as young as 3 weeks old may be vaccinated. Annual revaccination is recommended.


For Veterinary use only. Do not use if seal is broken or package is damaged. Do not vaccinate un-healthy animals. All vaccines may occasionally cause anaphylactic reactions in some animals. If this occurs adrenaline should be administered. This preparation is for use in sheep and goats only.


Store at -20°C. (Freezer). Under these conditions, the shelf life is 2 years. If stored at between +2°C and +8°C (refrigerator) the shelf life is one month. Once the vaccine has been reconstituted, it must be used immediately and any remaining quantity discarded.


50-, 100-, and 150-dose vials packed together with the corresponding diluent. 


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