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Inactivated Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine


FOTIVAX TM is a Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine preparation containing chemically inactivated, tissue culture derived FMD virus strains. We produce strains A, O, C, SAT1 and SAT 2. The usual blend of FOTIVAXTM contains FMD strains A, O, SAT1 and SAT2 which have been adjuvanted with Aluminium hydroxide gel and saponin. Other components of the final blend include antifoam, phenol red dye, lactalbumin hydrolysate, tryptose phosphate broth, antibiotics, amino acids, vitamins and buffer salts. Each batch undergoes potency tests in live cattle to ensure that each dose contains at least 6.6 PD 50.


Foot and Mouth Disease is the most contagious disease of animals and has a potential of causing heavy loss in susceptible cloven-hoofed animals. There are seven serotypes of FMD virus, namely, O, A, C, SAT1, SAT2, SAT3 and Asia 1. Infection with one serotype does not confer immunity against another. Typical cases of FMD are characterised by a vesicular condition of the feet, buccal mucosa and, in females, the mammary glands. Clinical signs can vary from mild to severe and fatalities may occur, especially in young animals. All the above FMD serotypes produce identical clinical signs, yet immunity to Foot and Mouth disease is serotype-specific. Vaccination against each serotype occurring in a region is therefore indicated for protection.


For the vaccination of healthy cattle, pigs, sheep and goats as an aid in prevention and control of Foot and Mouth Disease caused by the serotypes A, O, SAT 1 and SAT2.


Shake well before use. Vaccination should be done using sterile needle and syringe to avoid contamination. Administer to animals of all ages via subcutaneous injection at the rate of 3mls per animal for cattle and 2mls per animal in pigs, sheep, and goats. Revaccination should be carried out every 6 months or for better protection every 4 months.


For Veterinary use only. Do not use if seal is broken or package is damaged. Do not vaccinate un-healthy animals. All vaccines may occasionally cause anaphylactic reactions in some animals. If this occurs adrenaline should be administered.


Store at +4°C (Refrigerator). DO NOT FREEZE. If stored at between +2°C +8°C (refrigerator) the shelf life is one year. Once the vaccine bottle has been broached it must be used immediately and any remaining quantity discarded.


50-, 100-, and 300-ml vials.


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