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Live Attenuated Bluetongue Disease Vaccine


BLUVAXTM is a freeze-dried, live attenuated Bluetongue Disease vaccine prepared from 7 strains of Bluetongue virus. The strains in the vaccine are 1,2,3,4,8,12, and 134.The diluent is used to re-hydrate the freeze-dried component.


Bluetongue is an infectious, non-contagious, insect-borne viral disease of sheep and other domestic and wild ruminants. Clinical signs of disease are uncommon in domestic animals and are generally found only in sheep and some wild ruminants. Symptoms range from sub-clinical to an acute, febrile response characterised by inflammation and congestion, leading to facial oedema and haemorrhages, and ulceration of the mucous membranes. The tongue may show intense hyperaemia, become swollen and oedematous and protrude from the mouth. Hyperaemia may extend to other parts of the body, particularly the groin, axilla and perineum. There is often severe muscle degeneration. Dermatitis may cause wool breaks. Sheep may become lame as a result of coronitis, inflammation of the coronary band of the hoof , or skeletal myopathy.
Bluetongue virus is a member of the Orbivirus genus of the family Reoviridae. Within the genus there are 14 serogroups. The bluetongue serogroup contains 24 serotypes. BLUVAX TM is prepared by serial passage of strains 1,2,3,4,8,12, and 134 of the field virus in embryonated chicken eggs. Following serial passage, virulence is attenuated and concomitantly, viruses replicate to lower titres in sheep resulting in stimulation of protective immunity in the animals without causing disease in the animals. This also ensures low enough titres in the blood to prevent infection of feeding insects.


For the vaccination of healthy sheep as an aid in prevention and control of Bluetongue Disease caused by the strains 1,2,3,4,8,12,and 134 which are the major cause of the disease in the East and Central African region.


Reconstitute each vial with the corresponding sterile diluent. Keep the reconstituted vaccine cool and protected from sunlight. Take reasonable aseptic precautions in reconstituting and withdrawing the vaccine. Administer via the subcutaneous route to sheep over the age of 3 months at the rate of 1ml per animal. Vaccinate wool sheep at about three weeks before shearing. Revaccination should be carried out yearly.


For Veterinary use only. Do not use if seal is broken or package is damaged. Do not vaccinate un-healthy animals. This multi-strain vaccine is recommended for use in sheep only. Do not vaccinate pregnant ewes. All vaccines may occasionally cause anaphylactic reactions in some animals. If this occurs adrenaline should be administered.


Store at -20°C. (Freezer). Under these conditions the shelf-life is 2 years. If stored at between +2°C and +8°C (refrigerator) the shelf life is one month. Once the vaccine has been reconstituted, it must be used immediately and any remaining quantity discarded.


50-, 100-, and 300-dose vials packed together with the corresponding diluent.


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