Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute

Enhancing Livestock Health in Migori County

12th March 2024

In a proactive move to boost livestock health in Migori County, our team has embarked on a transformative journey, engaging closely with stakeholders in the livestock sector. With a primary focus on routine vaccination, our efforts aim to ensure the well-being of livestock and poultry through the use of high-quality, effective, and economically accessible livestock and poultry vaccines provided by the Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute (KEVEVAPI).
Migori County, renowned for its vibrant agricultural landscape, stands to benefit significantly from this initiative. Livestock farming forms an big part of the county’s economy, and the health of these animals directly impacts the livelihoods of many residents. By emphasizing routine vaccination, our team aims to mitigate the spread of diseases that can devastate livestock and poultry populations, undermining agricultural sustainability.
Routine vaccination serves as a cornerstone in safeguarding livestock and poultry health. By utilizing vaccines from KEVEVAPI, livestock and poultry owners in Migori County can access affordable yet effective solutions tailored to the specific challenges faced in the region. 
This proactive approach not only enhances the resilience of livestock and poultry against diseases like newcastle disease,foot and mouth disease,Rift valley fever disease, but also strengthens the overall livestock and poultry sector.