Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute

Empowering Farmers:KEVEVAPI in Kericho County.

KEVEVAPI at Kericho Farmers Field Day.

Ainamoi Sub County:Guru Nanak grounds

22nd February 2024

The Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute (KEVEVAPI) was a vital participant among various stakeholders in the Agriculture and Livestock sector, actively engaging at the Kericho Farmers Field Day hosted at Guru Nanak grounds in Ainamoi Sub County. This event brought together farmers from all six sub-counties of Kericho County, serving as an educational platform highlighting the critical significance of livestock and poultry vaccination. Vaccination stands as a cornerstone in effective livestock and poultry disease prevention strategies, and the KEVEVAPI team took the opportunity to emphasize its importance to the attending farmers. By imparting knowledge and promoting this essential practice, the institute aims to contribute significantly to the enhancement of livestock and poultry health and agricultural productivity within the region.

KEVEVAPI's Livestock and Poultry Disease Prevention Initiatives in Kericho County

Kericho County:Kipkelion East,Kipkelion west and Molo Sub-counties.

21st February 2024

KEVEVAPI dedicated valuable time to connect with livestock stakeholders across Kipkelion East, Kipkelion West, and Molo Sub Counties within Kericho and neighboring Nakuru County. The team was graciously hosted at the vast Segeso Dairies by the esteemed Deputy Governor of Kericho County, Honorable Fredrick Kirui. During this gathering, discussions revolved around the critical significance of disease prevention in livestock and poultry within Kericho County, aiming to ensure the well-being and prosperity of its residents.