Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute

Garissa Farmers Field Day

KEVEVAPI at Garissa Agricultural Training Centre

The KEVEVAPI stand at Garissa Agricultural Training Centre was honored to host the Principal Secretary of the state department of livestock, Hon. Jonathan Mueke, Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Livestock, Hon. Dr. John Mutunga, Member of Parliament for Garissa Township, Hon. Major Dekow M. Barrow, alongside other distinguished leaders. Their presence underscores the significance of KEVEVAPI‘s role in disease prevention not only in Kenya but also across the East African region.

Garissa County, known for its pivotal role in the livestock sector, stands as a beacon of livestock density within Kenya and the broader region. 

The KEVEVAPI team actively engaged with stakeholders and valued livestock farmers in the county. The overarching theme focused on exploring innovative solutions to address challenges faced by the livestock and poultry sector, with a keen eye on the socio-economic impact and the potential for sustainable development, particularly in Northern Kenya.

KEVEVAPI‘s commitment to supporting arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL) counties in livestock and  poultry disease prevention remains unwavering. By safeguarding the health and wealth of livestock and poultry farmers in these regions, KEVEVAPI continues to contribute significantly to the overall prosperity and resilience of communities across Kenya and beyond.