Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute

Strengthening Agrovet Networks for Livestock & Poultry Vaccines

KEVEVAPI's Joint Ventures with Agrovets in Naivasha,Subukia and Gilgil Sub-Counties

The KEVEVAPI marketing team, in conjunction with Drop Access Limited a cold chain solutions Company, invested valuable time in fostering relationships with Agrovets in Naivasha sub county. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Miriam Nakeel, Dr. Mburu Gilgil subcounty and Dr.Cherongoi Subukia subcounty,this collaborative effort aimed at enhancing the accessibility of our vaccines to local farmers.

This collaborative initiative is just the beginning of our efforts to fortify the veterinary healthcare ecosystem in Naivasha,Subukia and Gilgil sub county. KEVEVAPI is committed to building long-lasting relationships with distributors so that livestock and poultry vaccines are accessible to all farmers.

The collaborative effort extended to on-site visits, where the KEVEVAPI team had the opportunity to explore the operations of various Agrovets in Naivasha sub county. Among the notable establishments visited were:

  1. N.K Vet Supplies
  2. Naivasha Farmers Center
  3. Zio Chem Ltd
  4. Uwezo Agrovet and others

The goal of KEVEVAPI’s partnership with these Agrovets is to make sure that farmers can easily obtain affordable, high-quality livestock and poultry vaccines. Through forging close relationships with distributors, we hope to expedite the distribution process and remove obstacles that may hinder the prompt delivery of vital livestock and poultry Vaccines.

The cooperation between KEVEVAPI and Agrovets in the Naivasha,Subukia and Gilgil sub-counties represents proof of our common commitment to improving the livestock and poultry sector. Working together, we hope to increase the availability of high-quality livestock and poultry vaccines, which will ultimately benefit livestock and poultry welfare in general and the farming community’s prosperity.