Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute

Farmers field day in Nandi county

Chairman of the KEVEVAPI Board Prof. Kimathi Mbogori Kagatiira, Dr. Alex Sabuni, Ag. Managing Director KEVEVAPI and Ms. Susan Mirugi, Deputy Director Sales and Marketing KEVEVAPI during the Kaimosi Farmers Field Day in Nandi County. A Farmers’ Field Day serves as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, showcasing innovative farming techniques, and providing a space for the local farmers to learn. It is an opportunity for the local farmers to connect with agricultural experts, and industry professionals who will be on hand to share valuable insights, the latest research findings, and practical tips for optimizing their agricultural productivity.

We thank farmers, agribusinesses, and all interested in the prosperity of livestock sector for joining us at our stand to cultivate knowledge and sow the seeds of a more prosperous future for the agriculture in Nandi County.

Friday,8 December 2023.