Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute
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Who we are

The Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute (KEVEVAPI) was established as a parastatal institution under, Cap 446 of the laws of Kenya on 5th May 1990 through legal Notice No. 223 of 4th June, 1990. This followed the dissolution of a joint venture between the Government of the Republic of Kenya and the Wellcome Trust Foundation of the United Kingdom. The Institute was created by merging three different institutions that were producing vaccines in Kenya and included the Vaccine Production Laboratory (VPL) at Embakasi, the vaccine production section at the KARI- National Veterinary Research Centre (NVRC) at Muguga and the vaccine section of Veterinary Research. Laboratory at Department of Veterinary Services Headquarter at Kabete.

Our Mandate

Co-ordinate and take charge of all veterinary vaccines production in the country. Research, either alone or in collaboration with other research institutions, into new innovations of veterinary vaccines production. Develop and produce chemicals, media and laboratory products for use in the production of vaccines and other veterinary products. Market and distribute veterinary vaccines locally and abroad. Provide information in the field in other activities as the Board with the approval of the President may determine.

Recent Products



PESTEVAXTM is a freeze-dried live attenuated PPR virus vaccine prepared from the Nigerian strain 75/1. It contains not less than 10 2.5 TCID 50 per d1 ml dose .The diluent is used to re-hydrate the freeze-dried component.


This is a tissue culture derived FMD virus vaccine, which is chemically inactivated using Bromoethyl amine. It’s composed of FMD strains A, O SAT1 and SAT2.The vaccine is purified by ultra filtration using a filter of 500KD molecular cut off blended with Montanide as an adjuvant. Other components of the final blend include antifoam, Phenol red dye, antibiotics, amino acids, vitamins. Each batch undergoes potency test in live cattle to ensure protection level of 80% and above.


PASTREVAXTM is an inactivated and adjuvanted vaccine against Pasteurella multocida groups A and D and Mannheimia haemolytica type A1 infections in sheep and cattle.
Each ml of vaccine contains:
Pasteurella multocida group A inactivated ≥0.6 ELISA U. Pasteurella multocida group D inactivated ≥0.6 ELISA U. Mannheimia haemolytica type A1 inactivated ≥ ELISA U. Aluminium (as hydroxide) 1.4mg. Free formaldehyde ≤ 0.5mg